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Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

Life is all about the present. We only get life in daily increments.
There's no guarantee that tomorrow will arrive for anybody. My wife,
Dale, is fond of reminding me that "If there's something you really
want to do or somebody you really want to talk with, you'd better
do it and say it today!" That's not a morbid, fearful observation
on her part. She's simply being realistic. It's an acknowledgement
of the genuine fragility of life and the precious quality of every
moment given to us.

The Bread of Life, without which none of us can continue on--and
of which God is the only source--is measured out one day at a time,
ours to use or misuse in any way that we decide. We can try to keep
and hoard it in a miserly narrow existence, or we can let it flow
into and through us to touch and enrich the lives of others. It is
a gift that is intended for us to unwrap and discover with joy and
wonder each and every morning, something to excite us with the
ever-changing potential it brings for living generously and
victoriously. That's the opportunity we're asking God to give us
each time we offer this prayer that Jesus taught us.

--from the sermon "Give Us Today Our Daily Bread"
by The Rev. Dr. Robert Hansel

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