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Glimpses of the Real World

When in your past have you had that tingling sensation of an altered
state of consciousness? Have you ever looked at something and seen
it explode with life in a new way? Have you ever listened to something
with your whole being, hearing depths that you ordinarily would
miss? Have you ever felt deep awe, or a thankful wonder? Have you
ever been so absorbed by the experience of the moment that time
stood still? Have you ever been so engrossed in something that you
disappeared, your sense of being a separate identity seemingly
melting into the experience of the whole? When have you felt truly
wondrously alive?

These are moments to treasure. They give us glimpses into another
reality, the spiritual dimensions that subtle minds have described
through centuries of mystical literature. In our generation, even
the scientific and psychological community has shown respect and
interest in the reality of the "unitive" experience and in the
healthy fruits of contemplation.

Give yourself some time to reflect on those moments in your life
when something different seemed to break through into your
consciousness. What might you learn from those moments? Share your
stories with others. You'll soon be recalling more, and you'll be
talking about things that really matter, deep and simple at the
same time.

--from the essay "The Eyes of a Child"
by The Rev. Lowell E. Grisham

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