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1. Quiet yourself and imagine dropping
down into the dark abundant well of your
soul. Take a few moments to feel that deep place and become aware of God's presence there.

2. Silently read the poem completely
through once.

3. Read the poem out loud.

4. Slowly read the poem again silently,
savoring the phrases, the words, the feel,
the taste of it.

5. On a blank piece of paper or on a page in your journal, complete the following:

a. The first image that arose in me as I read this poem was...

b. My immediate feelings after reading this poem are...

c. The reality that has been unearthed for me by reading this poem is...

d. If I were to paint a picture about this poem I would include my work of art...

e. If I were to add a line of my own somewhere in this poem it would be...

6. Read the poem out loud again, but this time as a prayer to God.

7. Sit in silence to see if God has a response to make to you.

8. End with your own prayer or poem of thanksgiving.

Unbroken Peace
by Renée Miller

In deep cool brush of desert air,
Under sky of gray puffed clouds,
The drama, dreamy in mist,
Delicate and almost unseen,
Begins to take on form and shape
Wrapped ‘round with unbroken peace.
Like slender, tender threads of silk
Shining brightly on miracles’ edge,
The raw beauty stands alone --
Fixed on the world’s silent turning --
Waiting to be grasped by human form.
Incarnation in night’s desert cold
Is unforeseen, unexpected.
Then, all at once, the pattern
Of eternity, in infant form,
Descends on unsuspecting earth.
With tinsel trimming cast aside
A human soul bravely looks on --
A spirit festive in silence.
Dancing while standing in place,
Earnestly stretching to be reborn
As earth’s arms meet heavn’s embrace.
In spirit tones undressed
The roughened scales of human sin
Are pared, like rinds, to reveal sweet fruit
Soft to the tongue, the touch, the time.
In broken sighs God is known
And known, leaves pure fruit behind,
A soul redeemed – simple and sublime.

Renée Miller, A Brief Moment of Infinite Time (Lake Havasu City, AZ: Sage and Spirit, 2001) 42.


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