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Journaling as a Spiritual Practice for September

As the summer comes to a close, there is a feeling of quiet loss and budding anticipation. The slower, more languorous days have slipped away until next
summer’s heat brushes the earth. We are left with wistful memories, while at the
same time we can detect a feeling within of growing eagerness as we prepare to
greet the energetic autumn air. Lest the quieter days of summer pass without attention, or the feeling of budding potentiality get lost in the busy-ness about to begin, it is good to take some time to write in your journal about the tender
scratchings that summer left on your heart, and the creative scribblings yet to
be etched on your soul as the days of September unfold.

September Exercises

Reflecting on Summer Past

What did summer’s laziness teach me about:
· Myself
· My world
· Others
· God

What were the most important encounters I had this summer? How was the face of God revealed to me in those encounters?

If I could change the movements of this summer, what alterations would I make?

What surprises, unexpected occurrences, unwanted difficulties did I experience this summer? Where was the grace of heaven most present to me and most absent from me?

Reflecting on Fall’s Unfolding

As I look toward the return of a fresh phase of school, work and plans, what longings seem to be silently beating within me?

How would I like to make room for the Holy One in my life as my day takes on a different rhythm?

What anxieties or worries seem to gnaw at my soul as I move into the next month?

How will I open and nurture the call and touch of God this next month:
· In myself
· In my family
· In my workplace
· In my personal relationships


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