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Meditate with Art


The voice of God is often "heard" through image rather than sound. Hidden within the silent metaphors of artistic impressions, whispers of the Holy Spirit can be known and felt. Art & Soul strives to recognize these whispers in an atmosphere of artistic beauty and quiet that will foster a deeper "soul" conversation with the God who is beyond the spoken word.

Art & Soul is not primarily an educational program in which you will learn "about" God. It is intended to lead you into an experience "of" God.
It is not a program in the theory or philosophy of what constitutes "beauty"; nor a course in art appreciation, art history, or artistic technique. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to learn (or rediscover and deepen) your capacity to approach and encounter God by means of art. To put it in simplest terms, for our purposes we will not be focused on art objects themselves, but on using them as a "window" or a "meeting place" between ourselves and God.

We hope that you may find a capacity to move through and beyond art objects to "contact" God in a direct, personal way--a time of communion in which you can be inspired, healed, reconciled, challenged, and nourished.

Finally, our purpose is to equip you with a practical devotional tool that is highly portable. You can carry and use this spiritual process or approach whenever you choose and wherever you are.

The presence and strength of God are all around us, all the time. Whenever we reach out in Faith, God will meet us there with power.

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