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  Mystery & Mysticism How can I nurture my connection to the Sacred?

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Sometimes nature surprises us with wonder so deep it feels like our breath will stop. At those moments, we know that there is really very little that stands between this earthly existence and the hall of the Holy One. These moments are not as rare as we might think; they happen all the time. If we want to revel in nature’s glory, we will not have long to wait.

This prayer practice can help you become aware of the ever-present mystical transcendence in the world of nature. It is there for us, if only we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

To begin this practice set aside 30 minutes to go on a field trip. Take with you a Bible and journal. Choose a place that is in nature: a quiet park, a grassy space near a lake, a forest path, a valley looking up toward a mountain.

  • Center yourself in the space and acknowledge God’s presence there by allowing your senses to drink in the details of the place. Be attentive to the scents, the colors, the textures, the sounds.

  • Take notice of yourself in the space – how your body feels, how you fit or do not fit in, how your inner disturbances affect the landscape. Then take a few moments to offer a prayer of intention to the Holy One about your reason for being there, and your willingness to be open to heaven’s presence in the midst of creation.

  • Read Exodus 3:1-6 very slowly, lingering over words and phrases like you were touching the finest silk. Don’t move on to the next word or phrase until you feel an inner readiness to do so. After you have worked your way through the passage, record in your journal any thoughts or insights that rose in you as you read and reflected.

  • Now close your eyes and imagine that some bush, or tree, or rock, or flower has been touched with the flame of heaven. Consider how impossible it seems that something could catch fire and not truly burn. Notice the light from the fire that seems to pass before your closed eyes.

  • Now imagine that you hear a slight sound that you recognize as the voice of the Holy One. What words seem to form in your mind, what images seem to develop in your soul, what feelings seem to fill your heart? Try not to question what is happening. Instead, simply be present to the unfolding encounter with God. After a time, you will notice that the fire has died down, and your soul is still. Thank God for the time you have spent together.

  • Spend a few minutes recording in your journal what seems important to remember from the encounter.



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