Becoming Human

Core Teachings of Jesus
excerpts from the book by Brian Taylor

Becoming Human

What does it mean to “become human”? For Brian Taylor the key lies with the One who lived closest to God, who saw the divine as the locus of daily life. “As we follow Jesus, we will find that he helps us to become human, truly and fully human,”he writes. “In his fellowship, we become the creatures that our Creator intends us to be.”

It is in Christ’s example that we step closest to the sacred—not by trying to rise above our humanity, but rather by embracing who we are and finding God in life as we live it now. Through his  book Becoming Human, Taylor reflects on Christ's teachings as they apply to us every day, in every situation, as templates designed by God incarnate. They appear so basic—Become Simple, Help the Poor, Wake Up, Be Yourself—yet in these simple teachings Jesus offers us the way to new life.

Excerpts from Becoming Human

Become Simple
Spirituality offers the possibility that we can actually become free from the destructive energy of a stressed-out life. Spirituality promises a kind of simplicity in the midst of our complex world.

Find the Way Forward
It is easy enough to say “things will work out,” or “you’ll know what’s right,” or “God will show you the way.” All of these statements may be true, but in the meantime, how do we actively search for the best way forward?

Trust in Jesus
Many spiritual seekers, genuine in their quest, cannot bring themselves to “believe in Jesus Christ” in the way that they think the church expects them to.