stop complaining

gratitude_sunsetSome disciples once asked the Muslim mystic Rabia how to develop the virtue of patience.  Her response was disarming and, at first, disappointing to the disciples. She merely said, “Stop complaining.” They had hoped for something more important, more spiritual, more meaningful.  Finally, however, they saw that there was no point talking about patience until they stopped complaining. All they needed to do was stop, the next time they felt inclined to complain.

I hear Rabia’s words in my own soul, and realize that when I’m complaining, there’s little opportunity or desire for me to be thankful.  If I would simply stop the next time I want to complain, and look instead for something to be grateful for, I might find my heart thumping with thankfulness.  

Renée Miller
What If You’re Not Thankful?


tip to try

The next time you hear yourself complain (either internally or to another person), quietly say this short prayer: God of all love and abundance, open my eyes to your goodness and hope.