Image Courtesy of Audrey Bruno and Stone Creek PhotographyOur creative and emotional wiring is just as unique as a thumbprint, and simply coming to know the gifts and graces that God has given us can unleash a torrent of gratitude.  One of the most accurate aids to this discovery comes in the form of a daily journaling practice called the Examen.  

It is a variation on an ancient practice, substituting positive questions for the usual negative ones. People who are puzzled about what lights their fire can get amazing clues after employing this practice for just a few weeks.

Linda Douty
A Thankful Life

Image courtesy of Audrey Bruno and Stone Creek Photography

tip to try

Each night before bed, review your day with an eye to that which brings you joy. Answer each of the questions below and note your response in a journal. What patterns do you notice after one week of following this Daily Examen?

  • What surprised me today?
  • What touched or moved me today?
  • What inspired me today?
  • What was "life-giving" to me today?
  • What felt "life-taking" to me today?
  • What did I learn about God and myself today?

Linda Douty
Getting from Sunday to Monday