The Divine Hours

A complete guide to the ancient practice of fixed-hour Prayer

Why We Pray

Written by Renée Miller

Prayer is not really about getting God to do something for you or to get God to make a change about something. It is about building a relationship with God. It is conversing with God, learning to be in God’s presence, attuning yourself to the movement of God in your life. Just as any human relationship requires a commitment of time to be with each other, so our relationship with God is nourished when we take time to be with God in prayer. Most importantly, prayer will remind you that you always have access to God’s eternal love no matter what you do or do not do.

Tip to try:
Take 15 minutes this week and go to a quiet place—a park, a church, a room in your home—and talk to God as you would talk to your best friend. Be sure to give God time to respond!

Scripture for reflection:
“Before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear.” —Isaiah 65:24

Copyright ©2007 Renée Miller