A Prayer for ...

- When Life Is Too Full

Spiritual De-Cluttering

I don't think it's because of the warm weather that I'm on a tear to de-clutter my house and my life. I realize that Spring and Summer always bring with them a desire to lighten up my life, my colors, my clothes, my duties. But I don't think the heat is what is motivating the desire to purge. If truth be told, I am the opposite of a pack-rat. I once moved 10 times in nine years!  I didn't need to move.  I just liked having a different view.  I like not accumulating.  I like staying uncluttered by constantly changing living spaces.

The fact is I just don't want "stuff."  Stuff seems to bog me down in all areas of my life.  When I walk into one of my rooms and see accumulations of things I have gathered , I lose my imagination.  My creativity, my hope, and my energy are stalled.  It's like my soul is blocked and the flow that keeps life dynamic is halted. If I have too much clutter, too much stuff around me, I find it harder to pray, to weep, to dream.  Most assuredly, I find it more difficult to be aware enough to detect the subtle and stealthy presence of the Holy One.  I guess I get too focused on the stuff rather than the emptiness around all my possessions.

So, yet again, I am engaged in the spiritual practice of purging. I'm filling boxes and bags for the Salvation Army.  The word purge comes from the word pure.  What I notice when I de-clutter another corner is that what is left behind is pure empty space.  That pure empty space creates an openness where I can hear the whisper of heaven, a whisper so quiet that emptiness alone allows that voice to resonate. No, I don't think it has to do with the seasons. I think that even if I were tucked away in the arms of dark winter, I would want to hear that whisper so badly I would still be filling boxes and bags.