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with Lawrence Kushner

Taped March 31, 2003
Moderator: Jo Potter

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Clip One (6+21min.)
Discussion of Rabbi Kushner's book
Invisible Lines of Connection.

Clip Two (4+21 min.)
Jews measure spirituality not by what they believe, but by moments of proximity to the Sacred.

Clip Three (3+17 min.)
Rabbi Kushner's motivation for writing
Jewish Spirituality-An Introduction for Christians.

Clip Four (1+54 min.)
A rabbi and a priest (Father Robert Trache) share their perceptions of Jesus.

Clip Five (2+27 min.)
The differences between Jewish and Christian spirituality.


Continuous Viewing of Interview (18+51 min.)

Jewish Spirituality Book Cover
Read an excerpt from
Jewish Spirituality:
A Brief Introduction
for Christians

by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner


Chapter Fourteen: The Whirlwind
The ways of God are beyond human understanding. Only the experience of living can begin to give some insight. Simple formulas, such as the thought that good people will be rewarded and bad people will be punished, often do not hold true in real life. Likewise, childhood metaphors like the notion of a God “up in heaven” running things seem inadequate. ...
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From a JEWISH perspective,

you can’t help what you believe. Sometimes you do; sometimes you don’t. (Ask me after the funeral of a child if I believe in God.) But you can help how you act. ...

by Lawrence Kushner
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