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Suggested Ways to Raise the Dead

The mystery of death is just another side of the mystery of life. Death and grief do not have to be the end. The dead are a part of the living and the more we recognize this, the less fearful of death we will be. In his book Anam Cara, John O’Donohue writes, “The soul is free to be anywhere it desires. The dead are our nearest neighbors, they are all around us…the only difference is that they are invisible.” Those who have loved deeply and lost the one they loved know this. They may be afraid to trust it, or report it, but at times, they can actually feel, smell, know the presence of their loved one. It is our responsibility, and can be our joy to keep the dead raised in our lives. We don’t need ‘closure’ – we need opening – we need eyes to see and ears to hear what is beyond sight and sound.

Roll your mouse over an image below. The suggestion that appears can help you recognize the continued presence of past loved ones in your life. Accompanying the suggestions are statements for you to complete in your thoughts, prayers and journal:



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