The stakes are high...
what will it take to break free from our captivity?

Exploring the significance of The Matrix trilogy

"Who Put These Fingerprints On My Imagination?"

Engaging The Matrix
by David Dark, Adapted from Everyday Apocalypse.

"My students often accuse me of madness, but they find nothing particularly controversial in my observation that The Matrix powerfully names and describes the forms of captivity into which we're born and within which we live and move and, by all appearances, have our being...."


What is Apocalyptic? How is it used in The Matrix?

"One on One" Interview with David Dark

The Matrix: Reloaded
A review by David Dark

"Morpheus doesn't believe in chance. There are no accidents. And the forces of this present darkness will not be defeated by the might or power of a strong military...."

The Matrix Revolutions
Commentary by Dr. Lee Ramsey

"Revolutions of all stripes--social, political, economic, religious, and artistic--usually attempt to overthrow something old and usher in the new. Revolutions move forward, or at least promise to...."


Everyday Apocalyptic: The Website of Everyday Apocalypse
A David Dark website. Thoughts and reflections.



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