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Hearing God's Voice

People often wonder if they can hear God's voice, and how to determine whether it is God's voice or their own.

God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes it is through a voice that we can hear. Sometimes it is through a peace that flows over our heart. Sometimes it is through another person. Sometimes it is through a new insight that suddenly comes into our mind and seems to solve a problem that has been keeping us confused. "Call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things..." it says in the book of Jeremiah. God wants us to call out in faith, and if we keep ourselves open, we will receive an answer.

It will not always be the answer we want, and it may not always seem at first to solve our problem, but in time we will know that it was God and that it was the answer we needed to hear. Don’t be afraid to trust that God does answer us. When we are open to the presence of God in all the moments and through all the people of our lives, we will find that we feel God’s presence, and hear God’s voice. It is always the case that when we hear God’s voice, our soul grows more deeply in the love of God. And, the more deeply we love God, the more aware of God’s voice we become.

Tip to Try:

Take a few moments each day to sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes and try to feel God's presence around you. Take some time to tell God what is on your heart. Speak to God like you would your most intimate friend. After you have said all you need to say, sit in stillness again, and let God speak to you. You might feel a warmth, you might suddenly have a thought that had not occurred to you before, you might immediately have a fresh understanding of something that has been confusing you, you might have a clarity about an action you should take, or you might notice a gentle and serene peace all around you. Let the presence of God move around your soul as you sit quietly. When you feel God’s silence again, you will know that it is time to end your prayer and thank God for being so present with you.


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