Calvary Episcopal Church

Memphis, Tennessee


The Third Sunday of Advent
December 12, 1999
Volume 44, No. 47

The Bread-Man Cometh!
Adventus! Latin for "an arrival, a coming."
The Lord of our life is an Advent God, always coming
to God's expectant kids.
Advent Season ... with its majestic carols and colors
and candles and Characters ...
like Isaiah and a Baptizer named John and a Bishop
named Nicholas of Myra ...
and the people in your life who have prepared the way of the Lord
within you.
The Bread of Life comes baked in your joys and in your tears,
in your longings and in your laughter, in your work and in your friendships.
Lift up your hearts! Look and listen! The Bread-Man cometh!
Come, let us adore ... and eat ... and become Bread!
~Doug Bailey+

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