Calvary Episcopal Church

Memphis, Tennessee

Day of Pentecost
June 3, 2001
Volume 46, No.22

Pentecost! Celebrating God's Rambunctious Spirit
Those early disciples are all together in one place. In that Upper Room. Praying. Hoping. Waiting. Then it happened. God's wild, restless, rambunctious, untamed Spirit comes on the wings of rushing wind and flames of fire. The wind and fire burns deep in the hearts of some ordinary, everyday people. Now they are filled with God's breath, God's fire, God's love, God's Spirit, God's life. It is the very same Spirit which filled and flowed from Jesus. The disciples feel themselves to be, beyond their wildest dreams, the Christ for their day. So, Christ's Body is born a second time. This time Christ's Body has a face and eyes and hands and heart like yours and mine. Ordinary people made extraordinary by Pentecost Spirit.
~ Doug Bailey


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