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  William Griffin
William Griffin
Writer, editor, translator
Alexandria, Louisiana

William Griffin' s career in writing and publishing is as diverse as it is lengthy. He was editor for two decades at Macmillan Publishing and Harcourt-Brace-Jovanovich in New York City, as well as a journalist for a dozen years, covering, among other things, British publishing and religious publishing for the trade journal Publishers Weekly.

His 1988 biography of C.S. Lewis, C.S. Lewis: The Authentic Voice was reprinted in 2005. He is also author of major biographical studies of Billy Graham, G.K. Chesterton and Augustine of Hippo. As a Latin translator, Griffin translated into English The Imitation of Christ, Consolations for my Soul (Soliloquy of a Soul), and Meeting the Master in the Garden (Garden of Roses and Valley of Lilies), all by Thomas à Kempis. He also has translated works by Augustine of Hippo: Sermons to the People, My Son Adeodatus (De Magistro), and High Anxiety: A Brief Life in My Own Words. Griffin is the originator of VERBUM DIURNUM, a Latin Word-for-the-Day on the Internet.

Among his associations are memberships in the Catholic Commission on Intellectual & Cultural Affairs; American Literary Translators Association; Louisiana Historical Association; Chrysostom Society (a writers' group); Anglo-American Fusiliers 1812, "Clio's Own" (co-founder of a group devoted to writing on the War of 1812); and the Warm Jam Club (as both founder and sole member)
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