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Caren Goldman
Author and Journalist
Northampton, Massachusetts

Caren Goldman, a Jewish author and award-winning journalist, specializes in writing about spirituality, health, religion, and the arts and humanities. She is the author of Finding Jesus, Discovering Self: Passages To Healing And Wholeness (Morehouse Publishing), Healing Words For The Body, Mind, and Spirit: 101 Words To Inspire And Affirm (Marlowe & Co.), the writer of Vitality And Wellness: An Omega Institute Mind, Body, Spirit Book (Dell), a senior editor of The Bible Workbench, and a former associate editor of the Cleveland Jewish News

For over 30 years, hundreds of her freelance articles on the intersections of spirituality, health, and religion have appeared in national magazines including Spirituality and Health, Coping, Forward Day-By-Day, New Age Journal, Natural Health, Yoga Journal, and Intuition, as well as major metropolitan daily and weekly newspapers. Caren began her writing career as a news and features reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

She also leads seminars and retreats throughout the country, works as a Bridgebuilder conflict resolution consultant to congregations and non-profit organizations, and admits to playing the accordion.  Caren and her husband, Ted Voorhees, live in Massachusetts and West Virginia.  Caren can be contacted via her website www.carengoldman.com

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