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  Marcia FordMarcia Ford
Author, Journalist, Book Editor
Central Florida

Marcia Ford, a former editor of Christian Retailing magazine, is an explorefaith.org columnist and frequent contributor to Publishers Weekly. The author of 12 books, including Memoir of a Misfit, she began her writing and editing career as a reporter with The Asbury Park Press, where she worked as religion editor for 10 years. She is also a former editor with Charisma and Ministries Today magazines and the iBelieve.com web site. Her other books include Meditations for Misfits, 101 Most Powerful Promises of the Bible, and Restless Pilgrim: The Spiritual Journey of Bob Dylan (with Scott Marshall). She lives with her husband, John, and two daughters near Orlando.

Please visit her website at www.marciaford.com, or you may contact her at misfit@marciaford.com.

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