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Simon Cohen Simon Cohen
Journalist, Director of global tolerance

United Kingdom

Simon Cohen is Director of global tolerance (www.globaltolerance.com) and a freelance writer on religious affairs. Media Week magazine has voted Simon as one of the top thirty media professionals under the age of thirty in Britain for the last two years.

Simon launched www.adamandeveit.net in October 2003, a website that seeks to engage secular society with issues related to faith and diversity. He received an award funded by the Millennium Commission for the website’s positive social impact and creative approach to religion. In November 2003, Simon set up Tolerance Limited, a company that serves to improve interfaith relations and society's tolerance and understanding of religion. His company is involved in local, national and international interfaith projects, including the first national interfaith football tournament. He devised and helped organize the National Conference on the Media and a Multi Faith Society in London in March 2004.

Simon is a member of the British Association of Journalists and has written for a number of publications on religious affairs, including the global inter faith magazine Initiative. Simon studied Theology at the University of Nottingham, where he specialized in religious pluralism. He spent three and a half years in the media industry before setting up his own company.

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