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Mimsy JonesThe Rev. Margaret W. Jones
Calvary Episcopal Church
Memphis, Tennessee

Since being ordained a deacon in 1994, I have served at Calvary Church, Church of the Holy Communion, St. Thomas, Somerville, and St. James,
Bolivar. I enjoy a strong affiliation with the Diocese of West Tennessee, serving as Secretary of the Diocese at Convention and at Bishop and Council.

In my ministry, I seek above all a wise balance between activity and contemplation. Having been immersed in outreach ministry for years, both before and after ordination, I recently have concentrated on the interior life. I was deeply affected by the training I received with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, finding peace and joy in the presence of children experiencing Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd.

I believe deeply in the value of silence and stillness and have had the delight of working with the Calvary ECW in planning weekend retreats, and with other Calvary women in forming St. Clare Retreats, monthly silent retreats for women. I also have become absorbed in studying and interpreting Holy Scripture, and continue to be inspired by the privilege of "teaching" women in Bible study.

As I return to Calvary to serve as deacon at the altar, I plan to BE more than to DO. I will serve on a part time basis in whatever area the rector asks me to lend a presence. May God continue to guide us all in our ministries at Calvary, in our diocese and in the world.

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