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Courtney V. CowartCourtney V. Cowart, Th.D.
Adjunct Professor of Christian Spirituality
General Theological Seminary
New York City, New York

Courtney was evacuated from Ground Zero as the North Tower collapsed on the day of the attack. She
returned to the site and became deeply involved in the relief ministry at St. Paul's Chapel, and with her co-workers there has helped establish The Nine-Twelve Community, a non-profit charity formed by those called to continue the spirit of the ministry of St. Paul's at Ground Zero. The Community is currently working to re-gather that transformed group in order to help them and others discern where they feel they are called to serve as we move toward the future healing and rebuilding of Lower Manhattan. Nine-Twelve hopes to unite these voices in service to good will, altruism, and the re-imagination of our communities. Cowart's experience at St. Paul's, and later meeting others who were serving in similar capacities in New York and Washington, has provided the "Voices from Ground Zero" verbatim testimonies of altruism and compassion. She is a finalist for a two-year grant to study the increase of altruism, service and compassion at Ground Zero, New York, from the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love.
Photography Krystyna Sanderson/ Krystyna Photography.

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"Rising from the Destruction of Ground Zero" • September 2002


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