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In the Company of Angels



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In a search of scripture, hundreds of references can be found for angels. Beyond biblical texts, angels have been described throughout history, in times as distant as the ancient world and as immediate as yesterday. Some people think of angels as a literary device, an image meant to illustrate the pervasive and immanent quality of God's presence. But others, many others, believe that angels surround us, both in human and in heavenly form.

Below is a collection of essays, interviews and reflections on angels. From the Archangel Michael to an earthly angel who fed a hungry little boy, these offerings all speak of beings who appeared when we most needed them. Whether spirit, flesh or simply imagination, these angels undoubtedly move us in the direction of heaven.

An interview with Venita Hampton Wright, author of A Catalogue of Angels

I think that we carry within us a deep, intuitive sense that we are not alone in the universe. One of our oldest Christian creeds speaks of God as being the creator of things “seen and unseen.”...

An excerpt from A Catalogue of Angels

Angels, Guides, and Guardians
by Sophy Burnham

What are angels? The word comes from the Greek meaning messenger. Angels come, therefore, in any way that the message can be received, in dreams and intuitions—the little tap on the shoulder that says “go there, don’t go there.” And everyone has had this experience: “I knew I should go down that road, and I didn’t listen!” ...

Saint Michael: Warrior from Heaven
by Mary C. Earle

St. Michael the Archangel is no sweet cherub. He is traditionally known as the commander-in-chief of the heavenly host, a strong warrior and a presence who presides from on high....

The Possibility of Angels
by The Rev. Lowell Grisham

“I saw a light in the corner of the room. It was soft, sort of greenish, and it floated down away from the corner. And I felt a presence that was so powerful, I just knew it was Christ or God or maybe an angel. It filled me with a peace. I don’t know whether I heard a voice or it was just a powerful thought, but I knew that I would be all right. ..."

An Angel at the Shore
by Margaret Jones

I really have not thought seriously about angels since they started to appear on refrigerator magnets and potpourri boxes. But when I brush aside all of the cherubic faces and feathery wings, I admit that there must be good reason that angels appear in significant scenes throughout the Bible, especially around Jesus' birth....

God's Angel Mary
by William Kolb

Mary was the kind of person who would bake a cake for a boy's birthday, but before she put it in the oven, she would make sure it was filled with pennies, nickels and dimes, so that many of us would enjoy the one boy's special day....

Who's an Angel?
By Frederick Borsch

If what it means to be an angel is to be a messenger from God, then someone who comes to our aid, brings us the touch of God’s love, or perhaps offers us a good challenge or an opportunity to do the forgiving ourselves can be that messenger. And then we may pass it on....

Thinking of Angels
Devotions by Renée Miller
The following devotions describe angels who surprise us, give us direction, help us rejoice and minister to our needs, even when we’re unaware that they are around



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