Anthony Massimini

Anthony Massimini  earned a doctorate in Spiritual Theology from the Gregorian University in Rome, where he wrote on the apparent contradiction between Christian humility and psychological self-esteem.  He has served as a Catholic cleric, seminary professor and Chairman of the Department of Theology at St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia, until his resignation from the Catholic clergy, for which he received a dispensation from Pope Paul VI.

Massimini was a psychotherapist and faculty member at Thomas Jefferson Medical University in Philadelphia and at CATCH Community Mental Health Center. More recently he taught Philosophy and Ethics and was student counselor at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster, PA.

Having lectured throughout the northeastern U. S. on Vatican Two and contemporary spirituality, he has also written articles and book reviews for the National Catholic Reporter and is author of The New Dance of Christ—Discovering our Spiritual Self in a New, Evolving World.

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